About Us

One of the Leading Suppliers of Mining Products

We are delivering high-quality mining products for the last 20 years. Through these years, we have worked with hundreds of clients to provide new technology products for their projects. We are proud to have our returning clients who trust are effective solutions with their projects.

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Our goals

We aim to ensure the support of mining workers with the Right Tools.

We, at Sagar Enterprises, manufacture various Resin capsules and its supporting tools for the mining and construction work. In the last 20 years, we have ensured the adaption of the latest technology in this field. Hence, you can trust us to deliver your mining products with the right material and technology.

20 Years Of Trust

Helping Businesses from the last 20 years with the right technology for their work.

Market Change Adaption

We believe in Latest Technology to serve our clients with the best products.

Complete Solutions

Offers a wide range of Products to give you a complete solution on a single platform.

Reliable Products Backed By Latest Technology

Resin capsules require in-depth knowledge of the technology to support the maximum loads. Our Products are designed with the help of the latest resin technology to ensure high support for a long time. Get the manufactured parts or order a customized solution for your project.

Clients We Worked In Past