Cement Capsule Composition

Cement Capsule Composition: Here you must know all about its Features, Meaning & Composition

Cement Capsule Composition

Falling roofs in mines and tunnels are a very big issue and they cause various fatalities and injuries. To control this, cement capsules are used as a means to grout bolts in mines or tunnels and are considered a major safety measure approved by DGMS. Cement Capsules are very similar to resin capsules, which are made with resin as the main component, instead of cement.

Cement capsule composition: What Are Cement Capsules Made Of?

  • Cement Capsules are very similar to resin capsules, the main difference between them is that cement capsules are made using cement.
  • Cement Capsules are made by mixing sand, high alumina cement, and a variety of chemicals.
  • Some of these chemicals are citric acid, lithium hydroxide, thixotropic agent, and lightweight filler.
  • All of these are mixed well and seal packed in tight perforated polythene bags.

How To Use Cement Capsules?

First of all, drill a hole where you want to use the cement capsule. Then soak the capsule in water depending on its setting time. Take it out when it starts giving out bubbles. Fit the cement capsule in the hole and keep inserting the other capsules using a stemming rod. When the hole is filled, let the capsules set.

After that, insert the rock bolt into the hole. If required, you can also use an air auger or leg drill to fit the rock bolt and the capsules in the hole

Why Cement Capsules are Used in India?

  1. Cement Capsules are used in tunnels and mines to fix the roofs which are unstable.
  2. They can withstand the weight of roofs of mines and tunnels which weigh many tons.
  3. They provide support to the roofs of the mines and tunnels and are used as safety measures all around the world, and they are also considered a necessary safety measure by DGMS.

Dimensions And Characteristics Of Cement Capsules

These are the specifications of a good quality cement capsule –

  • Compressive strength – Greater than or equal to 11 n/mm2
  • Material – Cement
  • Shelf Life – 3 to 6 months
  • Length – 300 mm
  • Initial setting time – 3 – 5 minutes at 30° C
  • Final setting time – 10 – 12 minutes at 30° C
  • Diameter – 40 mm

Check the Quality Of The Cement Capsules: Features you must check out

A good quality cement capsule must have the following qualities –

  • Fast Setting Time – Cement Capsules must have a fast setting time, and the fast setting time that you would want is the one I mentioned earlier.:
  1. Initial Setting Time (Minutes) 3-5
  2. Final Setting Time (Minutes) 10-15
  • Right Composition – The cement capsules must have the right composition for them to work properly, the percentage of the components should be like this –
  1. High Alumina Cement – 99%
  2. Citric Acid – 0.065%
  3. Lithium Hydroxide – 0.05%
  4. Thixotropic Agent – 0.3%
  5. Lightweight Filler – 0.5%

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