Cement Capsule Specification

Cement Capsule Specification: Why to buy them and how they are used in various mining &metal industry

Cement Capsule: What it is?

Cement capsules are used for grouting the roof bolts in the mining areas and tunnels as well. In these cement capsules, along with cement, sand and high alumina cement are added. Some chemicals are also added in exact proportions and packed in the polyethene’s those are perforated.

Cement Capsule specifications: Good quality Cement capsules you must buy

  • Safety:

Cement capsules specifications should be free from lime and other harsh chemicals to ensure safety measures. But various brands use chemicals that are harsh to make the binding strong, but it is not recommended. So before you buy cement capsules for your mining, make sure that these are free from harsh chemicals.

  • Durability:

You should look for cement capsule specifications with high durability. Of course, you will not like it if your investment goes worthless. So look for cement capsules with a higher percentage of cement and sand along with less percentage of chemicals. Harsh chemicals make the cement capsules less durable. So check out the higher quality products and then buy them. More research on the same will help you a lot. Fewer chemicals will emit less heat and hence ensures more durability and safety.

How does packing happen of Cement capsules?

The Cement capsule manufacturers in India have a closure look at how to pack cement capsules so that they don’t become dangerous. While packing, it is ensured that these are packed with perforated polythene. So that the air can passage, causing no harm to the cement capsules. The thickness of the packing is 120-125 micron.

There are 800 no’s of sticks of cement rod type things in one cement Capsule.

Technical cement capsule specifications:

These cement Capsules are available with perforated polythene but on two different sizes.

One with,

Length of 400mm, diameter with 32 mm, the weight of 375 gms.

And another with,

Length is the same as previous 400mm, diameter 25mm and weight of the same as the first one, 375gm.

So, between these two types of cement capsule specifications, what varies is the diameter.

How to use these cement capsule?

Before using these cement capsules, specifications and instructions are there. Timeline of time capsules. You have to use these capsules only after soaking them in water for a few seconds.

Both the type of cement capsules are soaked in the water for 60 secs before start using it.

Mining is one of the most crucial industry nowadays. It is associated with a great range of injuries and accidents. So, people have a fear to work in the mining areas, which results in less mining activities. But if the people who are working there can be assured ith safety, the activities will be higher and so as the state income.


Safety will be ensured by using products like these, cement capsules to grout the roof bolt and resin capsules too. So if you are in the mining industry, make sure to use cement capsule specifications for the roof bolts. Not only using this will help, but ensure more research on the product, hence buying high-quality products with higher durability and much safety. So use Cement Capsule Specifications and ensure safety in your mining area.

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