Shot Firing Cables DGMS Approved

Shot Firing Cables DGMS Approved

Shot Firing Cables DGMS Approved

What Are Shot Firing Cables? 

According to ,“A pair of insulated copper conductors which lead from the exploder to the detonator wires. It may be either twin-core (both conductors contained in the one cable) or single-core (each conductor contained in a separate cable).” 

Simply put, shot firing cables are the cables that connect the explosives to the detonators. 

Shot firing cables are also used in electric appliances. 

To use shot firing cables the cables must be DGMS Approved. 

What Is DGMS? 

The full form of DGMS is Directorate General of Mines Safety. 

As the name suggests, Directorate General of Mines Safety, DGMS in short, is the Regulatory Agency under the Ministry of labour and employment, Government of India. 

DGMS handles all the matters relating to the health and welfare of all the workers working in mines. 

All the shot firing cables used in mines must be approved by DGMS for safety measures. 

Why Are Shot Firing Cables Used? 

Shot firing cables are used as safety measures to protect electric appliances from shock and fire. 

They are also used in mines to connect detonators and explosives as they are very dangerous and can cause massive fires. 

Components of a Shot Firing Cable – 

Following are components of a shot firing cable – 

  • Base Charge
  • Primary Charge
  • Fusehead
  • Neoprene Plug 
  • Detonator Tube 
  • Plastic Covered Leading Wires 

How Does A Shot Firing Cable Work? – 

The wires of a shot firing cable are connected to the battery of the detonator. 

The wires are then connected to the wires of the explosives. 

When the detonator is used, the electric shock travels through the resistant wires and to the explosives which leads to the explosion we usually see. 

Shot firing cables are usually made of PVC, so naturally, they resist heat and electricity, thus protecting others from shock and fire. 

What Are The Dimensions Of Shot Firing Cables? 

Twin core cables have 4 strands of 0.046 centimeters each with a resistance of approximately 5 Omega per yard. 

Usually, twin core cables are used the most in the mining industry. 

Which cable you are going to work with depends on how you are going to use it and if it complies with the relevant standards or not. 

How To Get Shot Firing Cables DGMS Approved? 

To get DGMS Approved shot firing cables, the cables must go through many tests. The tests are – 

Routine Tests – Tests made by the manufacturer on all finished cable lengths to demonstrate the integrity of the cable. 

Type Tests – Tests made on cables before sending them off to a supplier to double check if they are giving off satisfactory results of not. 

Acceptance Tests – Tests carried out on samples taken from a lot for the purpose of the acceptance of the lot. 

Optional Tests – Special tests to be carried out, when required, by agreement between the purchaser and the supplier. 

Basic Standards To Comply With – 

The construction of cables for use in mines must also comply with the relevant standards of the Central Electricity Authority (Measures relating to Safety and Electric Supply) Regulations, 2010 as amended from time to time. 

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