Shot Firing Cable Manufacturer In India

Shot Firing Cable Manufacturer In India

Shot Firing Cable Manufacturer In India

Mines are a huge source of income in India. A shot Firing Cable is one of the important products that is used in the mining areas. The shot firing cable popularly known as blasting cables are used to blast.

Manufacturing of shot Firing Cable should follow the guidelines of a trusted authority called Directorate General of mines safety.

Uses of Shot Firing cable:

●       Protect from Electric shock:

As it is made up of copper and insulated with PVC, it is used in every aspect of the mining industry. Electric appliances, equipment and machines are protected through these from shocks and fire.

●       Helps in Blasting:

Blasting is an unavoidable part of mining activities. And these shot Firing cables or blast cables help in the process of it.

Sagar Enterprises is one of the best shot firing cable Manufacturer in India and they produce fine quality products which will help you in your mining activities to its best.

Why should you choose Sagar Enterprises?

You may question that what are the reasons for which you should choose Sagar Enterprises for buying your shot Firing Cables or blasting cables.

Here are a few points.

●       Quality material:

The product you get at Sagar Enterprises is made up of the best quality materials. Copper which is used as conducted or the PVC which is used as an insulator; both are good in quality. It is used in a riskier work; so, it is important to check the material from which it is made. And Sagar Enterprises take care of it properly.

●       High Tolerance Capacity:

As the product is used is blastic activities of the mining area, it should be high intolerance. Tolerance means mostly tolerant of heat. So the products used to manufacture the shot firing cable should be covered with insulating material so that it will be highly tolerant of heat. And as a result, it can help well in the blasting activity. Products of Sagar Enterprises ensure high tolerance as well as a good quality insulator which will keep any risks of using the products away.

●       Highly durable:

The shot firing cable is the kind of products which should not be replaced more often. So the products should be highly durable i.e. it should last long. Products that you get at Sagar Enterprises are highly durable as well as the quality of the product also lasts long. Unless you use it properly in the blasting activities, it will be finely usable for a long time.

Bottom line:

If you are into mining activities or you need shot firing cable for any reason, go for the products of high quality, more durability and with good tolerance capacity. Because as the process has a lot of risks associated with it, so fewer quality products may end up in vast loss. So choose high-quality products over price. Sagar Enterprises will provide you with the best quality products of shot firing cable possible. So what are you waiting for? You can visit their website to order online or you can buy offline from their place too.

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