Shot Firing Cables

Shot Firing Cables

Shot Firing Cables For Mining Industry

Shot firing cables are are blasting cables. It is normally used in blasting-mining related works in mines. These shot fire cables makes insulation on blasting strings.

Shot Firing Cables: Overview

 Shot firing cables are used in both engineering and domestic applications. Basically a explosive and detonator substance is filled in a hole and the hole is sealed after that. To the detonator a electric shot firing battery is connected, then after checking all the safety precautions the switch of the current flow through the detonator leads is allowed to pass, which results in fire and explosion. Shot firing cables are insulated with PVC compound and the conducting wire inside is made up of plain annealed copper wire. Cables are made according to the standard norms of DGMS (Directorate General of Mines Safety). They should ensure all the safety levels to the machines and other appliances from shock and fire.

How Shot firing and Resin capsule work together in mining Industry

6v nickel-cadmium battery is used as a power source. Multi-compartment capsule used in mining. The common practice is to drill through the roof of the mine of the rock strata and to insert a resin capsule into the drilled hole and then a special bolt is inserted into the hole through the resin capsule. While entering the rock strata the bolt damages or destroy the capsule compartment.

 Resin capsule is used in mining, construction, and manufacturing. Resin capsule with roof bolts provide support and anchoring to roof of the mine. Once the resin combine with the catalyst it sets, and it ensure the safety measures during the mining process. It prevents clamping of strata and protects bolt from corrosion. It reduces the accidental cases during underground mining. Shot firing cable use has reduced the mining accidents. A chemical reaction takes place during mixing which improves mechanical strength, high yield.

Shot firing cables are also known as blasting cables. These are used in blasting related works in mines. It works as a protective blasting and connects few electric blasting caps with single blasting fiber. One compartment in the capsule comprises a resin, and another compartment has a catalyst or hardening agent for the resin. The bolt, as it is injected, ruptures the capsule and the capsule sections. Such resins include a variety of chemical constituents like epoxies, polyurethanes and polyesters. Esterification of mixture of ingredients like unsaturated polycarboxylic acid and polyhydric alcohol and added with monomers (styrene, vinyl toluene).

Condition before using Shot firing cables

Shot firing cables are in wide demand for the mining industry. So, they must fulfill the following conditions:

 1.They should be well insulated and as long as may be necessary to permit the shot firer to get in a safe place around a corner.

2. Short-circuited at the battery end until ready to attach to the blasting unit.

 3. Staggered as to length or the ends kept well separated when attached to the detonator leg wires.

 4. Kept clear of power wires and all other possible sources of active or stray electric currents.

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