Shot Firing in Coal Mines

Shot Firing in Coal Mines

Shot Firing in Coal Mines

For the process of extraction, the shot firing in coal mines is used. Mining is one of the expensive processes. It requires technical knowledge along with practical skills. There are different types of processes that are used to extract the ores from the mines. It is one of those. The Shot Firing cables are used in mines, Metal mining, zinc mining, gold mining, etc. are always popular. Especially in underground mining the use of resin capsules shot firing cables and Cement capsules are necessary. 

What is Shot Firing?

Shot firing in coal mines uses explosives for the process of extraction. With all safety measures taken, explosives are used. It is a highly hazardous occupation. So over many years, the system of work in coal mines has been designed to ensure the safe going of every operation that is needed for the extraction.

Types of Shot Firing Cables used:

Shot firing or blasting in coal mines mostly refers to the blasting of surfaces. There are different kinds of Shot Firing cables used in the process of coal mines. It can be steel shots, chilled iron grit, or steel grit as per the needs and requirements.

●   Steel shots:

In this process of shot firing in coal mines, steel balls with a diameter of around 5mm are projected against the surface at a very high speed. The size of the steel ball determines the density of blasting. The smaller sized balls are used on smoother and polished surfaces. But when the surface is tough and heavy, larger steel balls are used for shot firing in coal mines.

●   Chilled Iron Grit:

These are in an angular shape and used for cleaning purposes in underground mining. That means the chilling iron grit is used to clean oxides and paints from the carbon steel and ferrous castings. 

But sometimes, it is also used as shot firing cables. Using chilled iron grit in the blasting process can be very aggressive, hence it is used only in coal mines and similar mines. It shouldn’t be used for the mining of softer metals.

There are other types of shot Firing cables called steel grit. It is also sometimes used for the same purpose.

Advantages of Using Shot Firing process in coal mines:

  1. Using shot Firing for the mining process removes non- environment friendly and harsh chemicals from the surface.
  2. Using shot firing ensures higher production rates along with better blast patterns.
  3. Shot firing in coal mines will ensure that the finished final product is free from harsh chemicals, scales, and unwanted deposits.
  4. But the best thing is, shot firing does not remove any benefited ingredients from the ore of coal while removing other deposits and scales.
  5. The shot firing cables used in underground mining purposes is always DGMS approved.


Coal mining is one of the unavoidable industries in India. Most of our energy comes from coal. So, this is a sector that most people engage in. It is less hazardous and also prevents harsh chemicals from the surface.

We can’t avoid mining. Rather we can make the process more suitable and comfortable for use. The shot Firing process is now widely used. Shot Firing cables are also readily available on the website with affordable prices and good quality. You should try one of those. So, contact Sagar Enterprises right here at 09981177579 or 08224007007 if you are willing to buy a resin capsule or Shot Firing cables. You can get the resin capsules at very fair prices and also affordable from the best manufacturers known throughout India. Plot No. 47A, Sector – C, Sirgitty Industrial Area, Bilaspur – 495001, Chhattisgarh, India, you can visit our industry.

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