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Shot Firing into Concrete

Shot Firing into Concrete

Shot Firing into Concrete: How the shot firing cables are used in the concrete surface

Shot Firing into Concrete surfaces can be dangerous or useful, we will understand details in the article. but before that let’s have a clear overview of shot firing cables and where you can buy the short firing cables at an affordable price.

 Overview of Shot Firing Cables 

The use of blast explosives ( shot firing cables) is a very dangerous task and all the important safety measures must be taken to ensure the safety of the workers in the mining industry. Shot firing cables product is designed while taking care of the safety measure for mining workers.

 The shot firing cables are popularly known as the blast exploders.

Shot firing is basically done to prevent fires in mines and in electronic appliances. Shot firing cables are largely used in coal mines, Metal mining, zinc mining, gold mining, etc.

Shot firing cables are the cables that connect the explosives to the detonators. Shot firing cables are also used in electric appliances. To use shot firing cables the cables must be DGMS Approved.

Shot Firing Into Concrete

Yes, shot firing is actually possible on hard surfaces like concrete. Usually, shot firing cables or blasters are used in the mining industry for shot firing into the concrete. Shot blasters are used to making holes in the tough concrete surface, then shot firing is done through these holes.

 Use Of Shot Firing Cables

Shot firing cables are used as safety measures to protect electric appliances from shock and fire.

They are also used in mines to connect detonators and explosives as they are very dangerous and can cause massive fires.

The Role Of DGMS In Shot Firing Guidelines

The full form of DGMS is the Directorate General of Mines Safety. Directorate General of Mines Safety is the highest regulatory authority of India, which ensures the safety and health of the workers who work in mines.

All the shot firing equipment and equipment used in mining must be approved by DGMS to be legally available for use.

The Working Of Shot Firing Cables

Shot firing cables are used in mining as well as in electrical appliances to ensure safety from fires and short circuits. Shot firing cables are usually connected to the detonator and the explosives. The cables are generally made of PVC so they resist fire and electricity.

 When the detonator is used the electric current passes through the shot firing cables and reaches the explosives which then blast.

 Buy Shot Firing Cables: Why they are  Necessary

Shot firing cables are a must if you are working in the mining industry. DGMS has made shot firing cables mandatory to ensure the safety and health of the workers.

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